It is the end of the year and RTP Apparel has to make room for new styles, colors, and sizes for 2018. We listened to our customers in this year and have improved the RTP Apparel by leaps and bounds. So thank you for all your input! We have a great slate of new products, colors and styles for 2018. But to bring these industry changing styles to  reality we need to make room in our warehouse for the new products coming in next year.

Since our customers wanted a more uniform sizing for the RTP Apparel shirts, we now currently have all of the colors – black, white, red, navy, royal, athletic grey, charcoal, pink, and gold in the new sizings. But this left us with an overstock of the White and Black shirts in the ORIGINAL SIZING structures. So, we are having a blowout sale on the limited quantities of these two colors available. FOR THOSE WHO WANT OUR NEW SIZINGS – THESE ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL 9 NEW COLORS INCLUDING WHITE AND BLACK. JUST PURCHASE THOSE SHIRTS. The ORIGINAL SIZES are clearly marked – and the the only shirts at these incredible savings!

These ORIGINAL SIZINGS shirts the Small and Medium sizes apparently ran a little too big for some people and the 2X and 3X ran a little small. Well, we have a good stock situation of ALL these sizes Small through 3XL in inventory – only in Black and White. We need to make room for 2018 styles and inventory, so we’ve got a great Christmas deal for you brewing on these overstocked items.

order RTP Apparel Online

AS LOW AS $1.75 a shirt!

order RTP Apparel Online

AS LOW AS $1.49 a shirt!

Even our white shirt is LESS than a competing “normal” T-Shirt that has no pretreatment – even on sale from your “favorite” Big Box T-Shirt Wholesaler! You DEFINITELY want to use our white shirts (while you can get them) because the difference is incredible. Your colors will be more vivid, images sharper, and wash durability much better (See video below).

The white shirts are as low as $1.49 a shirt with our Black ORIGINAL SIZINGS starting at $1.75. You can’t even purchase a shirt and pretreat for these prices! Get stocked up before the end of the year – only while supplies last!

NOTICE: There are no Refunds, Exchanges, or Returns for these shirts. This is a once in a Blue Moon Blowout sale that you may never see again. The Small and Medium may be larger than normal and the 2X and 3XL run slightly smaller than normal. THIS OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES….