Friends Don’t Let Friends Pretreat

Due to the incredible demand for RTP Apparel with our customer base and our desire to share this incredible product with the rest of the world, we are doing something unprecedented in the apparel industry. We want to give you money for referring someone to RTP Apparel.

You heard us correctly. We will give you a $50 store credit to use on any order more than $200 when you refer a friend and they place their first order of more than $200. But it gets even better – You get to give this friend a $50 coupon to use on their first order of $200 or more also! That means we are giving away $100 total to you and a friend. All you have to do is refer this friend, get them to sign up and place an order. When they purchase their first set of shirts you get $50. How cool is that?

RTP Apparel is shaking up the apparel industry with our patent pending DTG engineered Ready To Print shirt. We want to shake up how shirts are sold and shared in the industry. You get to be a part of that history just by referring other DTG printers to RTP Apparel.

Use the form below to let all of your DTG friends know about these exciting new shirts and start putting more money into your pocket while saving time by not having to pretreat! And there’s no limit to how much you can earn in store credits – so refer away!


First, you need an RTP Apparel account and be logged in. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up on our REGISTRATION page. If you are already logged in – see the bottom of this page to start referring your friends to RTP Apparel.

Secondly, after logging into your account – go to the MY ACCOUNT link at the top of any page.

On the MY ACCOUNT page click on REFERRALS link on the left hand options. Then select REFER A FRIEND. (If you are already logged in you can click this link.)

Then all you need to do is put in your friend’s email address or inform them via Facebook or Twitter! It is that easy. They will get an email with a code to help them get started using RTP Apparel. After they purchase and their order is completed you will get your $50 store credit!


  • Well, this is restricted to United States residents right now. 
  • You can refer as many friends as you like – so tell everyone! The more you tell, the more you get off your next order.
  • You can’t refer yourself.
  • To claim your $50 store credit you have to place an order that totals more than $200.
  • You are limited to one specific credit per referral. But you can refer as many as you like!
  • If we catch you spamming or trying to get around our system we will just raise your cost of the shirts. So don’t try. 🙂


You can get started referring friends below. If you are not logged in or do not have an account you will need to LOGIN or Register.

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